Products for the disabled


The development of speech technologies is especially significant for the disabled:

  • computers can read books, news from the Internet, e-mail and SMS messages to the visually impaired,
  • computers can convert what a speech impaired person writes into speech,
  • the physically disabled can communicate with the devices in their environment,
  • automatically recognized speech is easily translated into text which can then be read by people with hearing disabilities.
Speech technologies help the disabled overcome their disabilities to a certain degree, enabling them to become more independent and perform tasks they were not able to do before. The primer applications in Serbian-speaking community were created for the visually impaired, for whom a number of aids have been developed.


Sign for the person with dissabilities, two hands


Text-to-speech system primarily intended for the visually impaired.

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Speech portals

Speech technologies allow relatively easy implementation of speech portals, providing the disabled with efficient access to information

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Audio library

A client-server system which provides the visually impaired with the access to a large database of books and other texts through the local network or the Internet.

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Adding speech features to web sites

In the world of global networking and abundance of information it is no longer sufficient to be one of the many and have all that everyone else has.

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Subtitling of TV Shows

The AlfaNum ASR system can be used for subtitling shows in the Serbian language.

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