AlfaNum TTS is a system for text-to-speech synthesis with elements of natural intonation, considered to be the best speech synthesizer across the countries of former Yugoslavia. There are versions for Serbian, Croatian and Macedonian languages, with a choice between two speakers (male or female), while built-in elements of intonation contribute significantly to the intelligibility and naturalness of synthesized speech. AlfaNum TTS is one of the basic software components that puts the AlfaNum company ahead of its competition. The features of AlfaNum TTS software are:

  • Voice quality similar to human (near perfect)
  • The system is able to read texts written without letters with diacritics (š, đ, č, ć, and ž), which is useful for reading e-mails
  • The system supports standard XML tags for ensuring correct pre-processing of text specifying intonational events etc.
  • The system is able to read many words in foreign languages reasonably correctly (Microsoft Windows, Apple iPhone, Google Chrome...)
  • Several interfaces are supported: C++ library, COM, SAPI, MRCP, IP server
  • The system supports distribution over multiple computers and load balancing, which enables its application in very demanding environments
  • Based on neural networks
  • Supports custom voices
  • Available on PC and Android platforms

This software component can be purchased separately by anyone who wishes to upgrade their system by adding the speech synthesis feature. However, it can be built into a multitude of our stand-alone products and applications, such as AnReader.

We invite you to test our TTS demo, and read more about practical implementation of TTS systems.



TTS Demo

TTS demo

ASR Demo

ASR demo

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