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IVRs represent interactive applications which enable users to reach certain information or initiate certain actions by using their voices. IVRs are extensively used at Telecom operators, but other companies can also greatly benefit by using such services. In large companies, calls are quite often initially handled not by people, but rather some form of an IVR system. An IVR typically has a menu structure with pre-recorded prompts, through which a user navigates by using phone keypad. However, solutions that use voice command interface are much more efficient and comfortable.

Voice Dial

Voice Dial is a system which effectively replaces the telephone operator. It is a fully automated system which, in communication with the existing PBX, transfers calls to appropriate extension within the organization or to the outside. It can be used by employees of the organization, but also by external callers.

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TTS Demo

TTS demo

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ASR demo

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