Speech Technologies


Speech technologies have the potential of introducing essential changes to human interaction with their environment. If a person is able to speak to a computer, and if the computer is able to speak back, then similar communication with other devices can be realized, starting from home equipment through industrial machines, cars, robots and toys, all the way to remote computers which can retrieve the required information and deliver it by speech.

ASR and TTS represent very complex multidisciplinary problems, and their successful treatment requires not only technical skills, but also expert knowledge in areas such as linguistics, psychoacoustics and speech perception, acoustics and digital signal processing. All these elements need to be combined and implemented into available hardware and software resources in order for a computer to be enabled to understand human utterances and to generate speech of its own.

qwerty keabord with blue "chat bubble" key 

AlfaNum ASR

Continuous speech recognition system for most South Slavic languages.

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AlfaNum TTS

System for conversion of text to highly intelligible speech with elements of natural intonation.

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Word Spotter

System intended for quick and efficient search for key words in large quantities of audio recordings.

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