Financier: UNICEF

Project duration: 2019 - 2020

Project goal is to improve the availability and address the need of affordable Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) solutions, UNICEF ECAR is piloting an open source AAC called “Cboard” in 3 countries in the Europe and Central Asia region. Cboard is a web application for children and adults with speech and language impairments, facilitating communication with pictures and text-to-speech feature. To implement the Cboard, in Serbia, Croatia and Montenegro, it needs  a  text-to-speech  application  to  be  installed  on  the  android  tablet  as  the  standard Google  text-to-speech  or  Samsung  text-to-speech  engine  is  not  available  for  the  Serbian, Croatian, and Montenegrin languages. Through the activities of this project, a text-to-speech application was developed for all three languages ​​for Android OS compatible for integration with UNICEF-supported applications

TTS Demo

TTS demo

ASR Demo

ASR demo

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