Financier: Ministry of Labour and Social Care

Project duration: 2020

Project partners:

  • Association of Assistive Technology Users, Belgrade
  • AlfaNum, Novi Sad

Summary: Project encompassed the creation of application that uses speech synthesis for Serbian language “Danica” version 5.0, based on deep neural networks, ported to Android OS. The main advantage is that this application is free of charge for all blind and visually impaired users in Serbia, and makes a huge step forward in raising the accessibility levels of modern technologies for all persons who mostly or completely lost their sight.

TTS Demo

TTS demo

ASR Demo

ASR demo

AlfaNum d.o.o.

Krajiška 41, 21132 Petrovaradin

Prodaja: +381 64 0550184
Podrška TTS: +381 66 8095758
Podrška ASR: +381 66 8096324
Administracija: +381 66 8094467