Voice Dial is a system which effectively replaces the telephone operator. It is a fully automated system which, in communication with the existing PBX, transfers calls to appropriate extension within the organization or to the outside. It can be used by employees of the organization, but also by external callers.

System user (employee, external caller) using his phone calls a predefined number, for example 99,after which he gets the answering machine asking him the name of the person he would like to call. By saying out the name of the individual/department, the user is redirected to corresponding extension.

If, eventually, there is an ambiguity among several extensions, the system offers an alternative: "Press 1 for Petar Perić or 2 for Petar Pević. ".

All information about the links between the names and phone numbers are stored in an internal database.


  • Integration with a PBX – Voice Dial system can be set as the extension of any existing telephone exchange.
  • Import existing contacts from Address Book – The system allows the import of all the contacts within the company in an elegant way, by importing the existing phonebook.
  • Personalized Phonebook – Each employee can add personal contacts. For each contact, multiple phone numbers (fixed, mobile, private) can be added. This may be managed in several ways: by importing contacts from Outlook, mobile phone or from a file with contacts obtained in another way. Of course, there is an option of adding a contact manually.
  • Distinguishing similar names – the system is able to distinguish between similar sounding names. If the acoustic similarity between the names is too large, the user is offered a choice from alternatives.
  • Web based User Interface – For the functioning of the Voice Dial system, it is not required to install any additional software. The system can be accessed from existing web browser (all popular browsers are supported).
  • Using advanced speech technologies – The Voice Dial uses advanced systems for the speech recognition and speech synthesis in Serbian.



The main benefit introduced by the VoiceDial system is the possibility of replacing the operator of the call center. Furthermore, an employee no longer needs to memorize every extension of colleagues as well as phone numbers of business partners. It is enough that he knows their names.

The external caller does not need to know the extension number of the person who he was interested. It is enough to say the name of the person (or department).

The system can be used only to obtain the phone number, not necessarily to make a call.

The user does not need to know the full name of the contact. It is enough to say any part of the name of the contact and the system will offer all available alternatives.