Audio Library is a client-server system enabling the visually-impaired to access a large database of books over a local network or the Internet. The server enables centralized importing of texts and additional data, sorting and searches based on various keys. It also supports of user authorization based on multi-level passwords.

The client establishes connection with the server, enables database access and download of the required book in a special textual format. The book can then be read out locally, through speech synthesis integrated into the client application. Books can also be converted into audio files, burned onto CDs and listened to on regular CD players..

The entire application provides continuous audible output, and thus the visually impaired do not need a separate screen reader to use it. They can navigate through texts using chapter and paragraph marks, as well as user-defined bookmarks.

Special attention was given to copyright protection. Namely, books are stored in an encrypted form at the client side, and it is not possible to use them without any limitations but only to listen to them. In this way publishers are protected from copyright infringement, and the visually impaired still have access to a multitude of books.



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TTS demo

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