A system for speech synthesis intended particularly for the visually impaired. As it supports Microsoft SAPI5 interface, it can be used in combination with any of the popular screen-reading programs (JAWS, NVDA, Window-Eyes, Dolphin SuperNova...) AnReader has all the functionalities of the AlfaNumTTS system.

AnReader is also intended for persons with other disabilities. People with multiple sclerosis and those with infantile cerebral palsy are often not able to read because reading requires remarkable efforts from them. The speech impaired can use anReader to speak for them. Dyslexic people often have problems with reading, as regards both accuracy and reading speed. These reading problems affect their ability to completely understand written text. All this affects their independence in both work and personal life, which particularly affects children and young people as the developing individuals.

AnReader can be very useful as an educational tool. It gives the possibility to convert e.g. lessons or other textual material into audio files and make it accessible to everyone. Owing to this, anyone can learn (using their mobile phones or MP3 players) even when they otherwise could not (on the road, during some physical activity, etc).

The AlfaNum company keeps improving this anReader, and the latest version can always be purchased on AnReader download page. The software is protected by a HASP device (a hard-lock) or serial number.



TTS Demo

TTS demo

ASR Demo

ASR demo

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