Call centres of general type


A call centre is a centralised, controlled, organised and economically efficient system for the reception, distribution and monitoring of incoming telephone calls.

A call centre consists of an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system, queues and operators/agents. IVR serves as a mechanism that determines the requirement of a caller before an agent takes the call. IVR systems included in call centres can independently handle a significant percentage of incoming calls on their own, dramatically relieving human operators of load, saving their time and allowing all incoming calls to be managed, even during peak hours. Queues allow the system to put an active call on hold for agents or groups of agents, until one of them is ready to respond. If there are no agents ready to take a call from a queue, the call can be forwarded to voice mail, in order to record the caller's message.

AlfaNum call centres are based on cutting edge technologies. Our system is based on VoIP technology, and incorporates e-mail, web and SMS communication, intelligent network routing technologies, and above all, highly advanced and comprehensive CRM techniques.

The features of the system include:

  • Unlimited number of queues
  • Unlimited number of agents
  • Receiving calls from different queues
  • Work-at-home agents
  • Using a phone or a softphone programme with headphones and microphone
  • Insight into call centre statistics
  • Call recording
  • Basic and advanced CRM (Customer Relation Management) techniques

Agents can use the CRM applications on their PCs as well. These applications allow companies to effectively and systematically take care of their customers, using the available information from the database server. Upon caller identification, windows that allow agents to check the history of communication with a caller are activated, enabling them to provide a fast and appropriate service.

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