AnDialer is a solution designed specifically for users in need of efficient and simple systems for handling telephone campaigns. It is a system that allows issuing calls to pre-defined contacts and conducting surveys. AnDialer requires properly configured IP telephone software.


  • The system leads the agent through a list of predefined questions,
  • Each call can be assigned a status: unanswered, busy, call later, stop calling etc.
  • All the contacts from previous campaigns are stored in an internal database,
  • Design of campaigns using a built-in campaign editor, through a simple and intuitive GUI,
  • Import of contacts from a .csv file which can be generated from the existing databases,
  • Possibility of assigning statuses to campaigns in different stages,
  • Generation of reports intended for monitoring the work of agents and their results; Calls can be classified by groups, agents, statuses, time instants etc.
  • Supervisor option for agent surveillance,
  • Bilingual interface (Serbian and English),
  • Agents use web interfaces and no installation of client application is needed.



The system works as follows: An agent logs in and receives the list of contacts to be called. The agent uses the web interface instead of the telephone and makes calls by clicking on command buttons, leaving his/her hands free to enter the data received from clients.

The contacts are randomly assigned to agents and, according to the database, the system always “knows” which agent realised which contact.

AnDialer system has been fully developed by our company. For that reason, we can meet most requirements of our users related to possible modifications and additional options of the system.

AnDialer can be implemented within a more universal solution which would cover the functionality of a complete call centre with CRM.

The administrator of the AnDialer system can create campaigns very easily by using Campaign Tool. New questions can be added by a right-click with the mouse on an empty field. The questions can be connected into a tree structure by drawing lines using the left click of the mouse.

After creating the campaign it is possible to perform a logic validation. After the campaign has been verified as valid, contacts can be added (from an external .csv file) and the agents can start making calls.

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AnDialer scheme