VoIP recorder


VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) recorder is used to record the communication over VoIP phones. In VoIP, packets containing audio chunks are exchanged over a local area network or over the Internet.

VoIP recording was first used in call centres, and now it is used in all types of business. VoIP recording is different from the recording of incoming lines or local extensions. Audiomemo is connected to the hub or to the mirrored port of the switch. In this way Audiomemo detects and records compatible VoIP packets.

Supported VoIP Protocols:

  • Cisco Call Manager (Skinny)
  • Avaya Office Manager (H.323) , IP Office
  • Ericsson (H.323)
  • Nortel (Unistem)
  • SIP (Station Side) / (Trunk Side)
  • Alcatel OmniPCX 4400
  • Siemens Hi-Path 4000
  • In the near future: Mitel 3300, Intertel CS-5200, NEAX 2400 will be supported as well.

VoIP Recorder is a component of Audiomemo recording system and can be used in combination with other Audiomemo recorders (Analogue recorder, Digital PBX Recorder, Digital ISDN Recorder).

For this type of recorder SmartWORKS™ IPX-C cards are used.

You can see some of the applications of Audiomemo voice recording system here.

Audimemo VoIP recorder scheme