Reliability and customizability


Audiomemo system is characterized by high reliability, as well as the ability to automatically detect malfunctions or system failures and to eliminate them. The system will instantly notify the user of any malfunction, and will attempt to eliminate it if possible.

The reliability of the system is achieved by using:

  • Permanent backup to another machine for increased safety of records
  • Redundant replaceable drives for faster and more dependable archiving
  • Various types of alarms and notifications:
    • audio and visual alarms on remote computers
    • e-mail notifications
    • e-mail daily reports
    • SMS notifications (optional)
  • UPS systems with the autonomy of 6 hours or more

Security, confidentiality and access restrictions are very important features of Audiomemo recording system, implemented through several types and levels of protection:

  • Multiple levels of security clearances
  • Authorised access to recordings and reports
  • Inability to delete or modify data
  • Logging of all user actions

Audiomemo recording system has been fully developed by our company. For that reason, we can meet most requirements of our users related to possible modifications and additional options of the system.

Examples of modifications and additional options:

  • Localisation
  • User-initiated start and stop of recording
  • Connection to the database of users
  • Word spotting
  • Support for the select 5 standard for the identification of radio channels
  • Reports at the request of the user


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