Playback Software


Audiomemo client software is available as both desktop and web solution. Audiomemo recording software provides you easy and simple access to your recordings and allows you to monitor, archive and search through them. The software also includes functions related to report generation.

Audiomemo Client

Audiomemo recording system can be managed and accessed via Audiomemo Client. The access rights for Audiomemo Client can be configured for each of the users based on their needs. The main Audiomemo Client window is visually divided into two parts. Call filtering options are listed on the left side, and the list of filtered calls obtained as the result is on the right. All filters can be combined and saved.

You can find more detailed information in the Audiomemo Client User Guide, and you can also contact us directly.


Audiomemo client software

Web client

Web Client is used in case there is a need to enable call listening at a large number of computers or in case that in the network in which the Audiomemo server functions there some administrative restrictions exist.

The application offers practically the same possibilities as the standard Audiomemo client and provides data security through user authentication and several levels of access rights. User interface is structured as with the desktop client, so the ease of use and user friendliness are guaranteed. The server supports the necessary number of connections and there is no need for any additional licensing after setting the application up.

The features of the playback application are:

  • Search through the recordings by channels, time instances, phone numbers and comments
  • Normal speed and accelerated playback
  • Adding comments to recordings
  • Generation of reports
  • Exporting and archiving selected recordings on external devices
The computer on which the listening application runs does not have to be in the local network.
Audiomemo web client