Advertising monitor


Advertising monitor is a system intended for automatic monitoring of advertisements and musical content in radio and TV stations.

Specified sound recordings are automatically recognized in the received signal and the exact moments of their appearances are logged. Users can get detailed reports on the broadcasting of any audio material, automatically generated by the system based on recognition data.

The system contains a number of FM and TV tuners which receive signals from different radio and TV stations via antennas.

Each of these tuners passes the audio (not the video) signal to a special sound card able to record multiple channels simultaneously. The recordings are compressed as they arrive and archived on local hard disks. Depending on the number of channels recorded and the sizes of hard disks, the archiving period can extend up to several months.

For each search, the administrator defines the search parameters such as target channels, and imports target sound recordings. The search is carried out by independent processes which can be activated on all computers in the system (of which there can be an arbitrary number) and the results are stored in a shared database, which is used to create reports for the clients.

Besides searching for advertisements or musical content, Advertising Monitor can be used for other purposes as well.

 TV antenna

The software toolkit contains:

  • Applications for recording of audio material
  • Applications for automatic search for given audio content in the recorded audio material
  • Applications for system monitoring and administration.

The system has the following features:

  • Multichannel recording of audio material with compression in real time,
  • Automatic recognition of advertisement, jingles, or songs,
  • Possibility of retroactive monitoring
  • Unlimited system expandability in order to provide faster searches and higher capacities,
  • Automatic deletion of the oldest recordings in order to make room for new ones
  • Quick search by time and date of recording or by station or type of material,
  • Visual representation of the recorded material
  • Possibility of combining the software with the Word Spotter application

AdMonitor scheme