28. jun 2013. in  Belgrade The Innovation Fund, through the Matching grants programme, has approved financing for the project "World-Class Speech Technologies for South Slavic Languages", together with 17 other projects out of 125 submitted applications. The principal results of this project are expected to be an increase in the quality and flexibility of text-to-speech synthesis as well as in the accuracy of large vocabulary speech recognition for Serbian (including the Ijekavian standard version) and Croatian.

Realization of the project VoiceDial is under way

From 04:10 to 06/10/2012. held ninth conference speech and image processing - DOGS 2012 at Kovacica.

Axon-Inteligentni sistemi operates from Novi Sad and their core activity includes computer and software programming. Axon is financed through the Innovation Fund under the MINI GRANTS Program for development of an Application of Spoken Dialogue Systems in Smart Phones project, with the goal of developing a multimodal dialogue systems, with particular focus on spoken dialogue, using the existence of high-quality speech technologies for South Slavic languages including Serbian.

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Innovation Fund - Axon

It is our great pleasure to invite you to be our guests at the 4th Science Festival in Novi Sad.

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