Mobile guide through gallery exhibitions

AlfaNum and the Centre for New Media have presented a new application titled „Mobile guide through gallery exhibitions" at the Museum of the City of Novi Sad. The funding for the development of this application has been provided by the Centre for the Promotion of Science of the Republic of Serbia.

The mobile guide is a system that presents the information related to a particular museum exhibit to the visitors by voice. Comparative advantages of this application over similar applications used worldwide include the following:

  • Users are located not only with respect to the room but also with respect to a particular exhibit. This allows the users to create the tour themselves instead of letting the system lead them.
  • The application is well suited to new generations of users who extensively interact with their friends using social networks. Namely, it offers the users to share their impressions over such networks in a simple way, thus significantly increasing the visibility of the exhibition.
  • A digital book of impressions is introduced, which will allow the users to state their impressions, and will be available to others via the website or the Facebook page of the museum.


published on 24.12.2015.