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Word Spotter is a system that enables highly efficient and reliable search for predefined keywords in a large quantity of audio material. It is based on the automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology, but is optimised for locating particular words and phrases, disregarding any of the remaining speech, background noise or music.

With Word Spotter it is no longer necessary to listen to all of the existing audio material in search of some words or phrases. Users can specify a list of words or phrases to be detected and import appropriate sound files. After a certain time needed for processing, a list of appearances of target words or phrases in the sound files is ready. The user just needs to go through the list and select the occurrences of interest.

The system has the following features:

  • Search for an arbitrary number of words or phrases in an unlimited quantity of audio material
  • Automatic inflection of key words – the application attempts to find all grammatical forms of a word (if so specified)
  • Support for a range of formats of audio files
  • Support for multiple parallel searches in the background (leaving the user free to do something else in the meantime)
  • Manual verification of the results
  • Support to modern multicore and multiprocessor platforms
  • Possibility of distribution over multiple computers and load balancing, which is of crucial importance in highly demanding environments
  • Software can be obtained in several forms: as a stand-alone application with its own GUI, or as an API or library, integrated into some of our other products (Audiomemo recording system)
  • The integration with a module for detection of high levels of emotion is also under way, which will contribute to the efficiency and applicability of the system.