If you speak Serbian,

You can test our Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) system by making a telephone call to +381 21 4750204.

You can reach our ASR demonstration by selecting the option 5 (by keying in number 5 when prompted) from the voice menu. The recognition itself is demonstrated through speech interaction with a special IVR system. The given number is operational on weekdays (Monday - Friday) from 07:00 to 19:00.

The detailed application menu scheme, as well as the list of valid words for each grammar (list of valid words or word sequences at any given moment) can be found in the provided instructions file (PDF). We advise you to read the instructions carefully prior to making a call.

At the beginning, you will be invited to select among a number of distinct sets of words or word sequences (i.e. grammars): CIFRE (digits), DATUMI (dates), GRADOVI (cities), IMENA (personal names), IZNOSI (amounts), PIĆA (drinks) or CENTRALA (PBX):

  • CIFRE (digits) - you are expected to pronounce a single digit or a sequence of digits.
  • DATUMI (dates) - you are expected to pronounce a date string consisting of day, month and year.
  • GRADOVI (cities) - you are expected to pronounce a name of a city from a given list.
  • IMENA (personal names) - you are expected to pronounce a first name followed by a last name from the given lists of first/last names.
  • IZNOSI (amounts) - you are expected to pronounce any number from 1 to 999999 followed by a name of currency (dinars, dollars or euros).
  • PIĆA (drinks) - you are expected to pronounce a name of a drink from the given list of drinks.
  • CENTRALA (PBX) - a more complex dialogue is possible in this sub-menu. You can say some introductory phrase (e.g. "Dobar dan, dajte mi" - "Hello, can you give me"), but it's not mandatory. After that, in the same sentence, you should say the key phrase. This can be an extension number (e.g. "Lokal 2 3 4" - "Extension 2 3 4"), some service (e.g. "Vesti" - "News") or some person's full name (e.g. "Vlado Delić"). Entire sentence could look like this: "Dobro veče, trebao bi mi Milan Sečujski" ("Good evening, can you give me Milan Sečujski?"), but it could also be just: "Račun" ("Account"). Allowed introductory phrases, as well as available services and names are provided in the instructions file (PDF).

IVR will always repeat your input to let you know what was recognised and will lead you further through the human-machine dialogue. To return to the main menu and grammar selection prompt, PROMENA GRAMATIKE ("Change the grammar") and NAZAD ("Back") commands can be used. You should avoid making a test call from a noisy environment.

This application is intended for demonstration purposes, and it should be kept in mind that the vocabulary and the dialogue manager can easily be modified to fulfil the specific application requirements.

Have a pleasant time during ASR system demonstration. Your comments and impressions are welcome, and you can send them to us at the Contact page.