Audiomemo recording system can increase the efficiency and security of business activities, and it can be applied e.g. within:

AlfaNum recommends the audiomemo system for recording telephone conversations to companies that want to minimise the risk of inconvenience that exists when there is no solid evidence of the contents of previous telephone communication. This primarily refers to the risks associated with false calls, business transactions based on speech communication, as well as handling customer complaints.

Recording telephone conversations provides better control over the daily business, and it also contributes to better evaluation of the quality of service that the company provides to customers. It can also save the company from much of the trouble caused by the transfer of inaccurate information, and thus significantly improve its profitability. The scope of recording can vary from several telephone extensions to the entire enterprise network with hundreds of telephones, radio stations or microphones.


Call centres

Call centres are an effective means of communication for all companies that require a complete multimedia contact with customers. The advantages of using call centres Audiomemo recording system are manifold. Quality control over telephone conversations is ensured, which is essential for the improvement of the work of agents. Live monitoring enables supervisors to monitor calls using multiple security clearance levels. The system is also able to record calls at multiple locations, with all records stored in a single centralized database, which is also remotely accessible. There is also the possibility of creating and saving reports on the results on various user-required analyses. The training of users for working with the system is quite simple and not at all time-consuming.

Call centres can also be applied in telemarketing, by companies that need to provide technical support to their customers, for providing various information and entertainment services, by banks and insurance companies, as well as government institutions such as Inland Revenue service or police.

Financial institutions

Financial institutions use Audiomemo recording system in order to improve the quality of service they offer to their customers. The most common users of Audiomemo include banks and insurance companies, brokerage firms and stock exchanges.

A specific advantage offered by this system is live monitoring, enabling call supervisors to monitor calls using multiple security clearance levels. The recordings of telephone communication may also serve as evidence in case of legal actions, as well as verification of recordings by independent auditors.

Government institutions

Audiomemo recording system is also very useful to government institutions due to its contribution to the security of their business activities. Furthermore, under the new legislation, government agencies are obliged to use a reliable system for recording telephone conversations in accordance with current laws and regulations. Audiomemo recording system achieves high reliability through full system redundancy based on RAID technology. The recorded conversations are easily accessible from remote locations as well, and the system also supports a range of search capabilities. A system of auditory and visual alarms ensures uninterrupted work.

The system is currently used by a number of government institutions, including police and military institutions.


Audiomemo recording system is also used by public protection sector, where reliability is a highly significant requirement. As a quite stable system, Audiomemo does not require any special maintenance and allows continuous recording. Resistance to errors and high reliability ensure uninterrupted communication between citizens and services. The ease and efficiency of access to the recorded calls is also very important, as the system is used by dispatchers in their communication. Furthermore, it is important to note the possibility of integration of the system with existing databases.

The public protection sector includes emergency services and health facilities, fire and rescue services, as well as security agencies.

Other applications

In addition to the abovementioned areas of application, Audiomemo recording system as a ready made solution for recording telephone calls is used by a range of companies from different branches of business.