Speech communication between humans and machines


    Speech is the basic means of communication between humans.

    Using speech, humans can convey their thoughts and feelings to others in a way much more intricate than in any other animal species, and thus the human speech system is the most complicated one...

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  • ASR


    Automatic Speech Recognition

    Automatic speech recognition (ASR) is considered one of the greatest technical challenges of today, attracting attention of many researchers worldwide for more than half a century...

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  • TTS


    Text-to-Speech Synthesis

    Text-to-Speech Synthesis (TTS) is the oldest speech technology, originating from as early as the 18th century, when first "speaking machines" appeared...

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  • CTI


    Computer Telephony Integration

    Computer Telephony Integration is one of the greatest technological achievements of the end of the last century, leading to significant changes...

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