Audiomemo kit


Audiomemo kit for call recording consists of one or more call recording cards that can be plugged in almost any PC. The Audiomemo system works under Windows OS, recording from 1 up to 240 analogue channels, digital PBX extensions, ISDN or VoIP channels. The price is based on the type and number of channels to be recorded.

Users can install the system on their PCs themselves, or let our technical support do it for them. The users who decide to do it themselves should closely follow the detailed technical documentation.

Audiomemo kit contains the following applications:

  • Audiomemo Recorders
  • Audiomemo Server
  • Audiomemo Client
  • Audiomemo Configurator

Recommended PC configuration:

  • Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 32 bit
  • 2GHz Intel Pentium Dual Core with 1 GB RAM
  • DVD+RW drive
  • Motherboard with at least 3 PCI (3.3V) slots
  • Mid Tower case with sufficient room to place 3 full-sized PCI cards (312x107mm)
  • Additional HDD or a free partition for data recording of 320 GB
  • LAN or WAN network (TCP/IP)


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