Alfanum virtual office

Our team expands constantly, and in the last several years it includes experts from various parts of the world. Associates from Belarus, Finland, USA, Ukraine, Iran, South Africa, Australia, work every day together with us through virtual office.

In spite of being miles away, the virtual office provides us with the ability to communicate like being in the same space. The associates working on research and development have a web camera and software for electronic audio, video and IM communication. For example, the associate from Iran can follow the screen from a colleague in Finland, and to see a paper note with a mathematical formula that is being written by a colleague from Alfanum office, which explains what could be seen on the screen.

Even though it does not look like something new regarding the remote co-working, several details make the difference:

  • Having a habit to often create quick, ad hoc, audio-visual consultations, instead of writing long messages.
  • Having a headset (or loudspeakers) ready all the time, so that connection could be established in a few seconds.
  • Using special camera holder, that enables recording of the working desk and exchange of formulas and drawings created on paper.
  • Usage of appropriate software tools.
  • In general, all employees begin regarding such a practice as equal to the verbal communication in person with colleagues who share the same office.

This practice is so successful, that even the colleagues from the same office, or office next door, prefer to consult with each other this way, instead of sitting together in front of one monitor, especially when more than two persons take part in such a consultation.


published on 16.08.2016