How to improve the lives of people with disabilities


In the organisation of the City Administration for Children’s Social and Health Care of the city of Novi Sad and AlfaNum, in association with the Faculty of Technical Sciences, speech technologies were presented at the Assembly of the City of Novi Sad. These technologies facilitate the access to public services, which is in compliance with the majority of ratified international conventions on human rights and preparations for EU accession.

Our intention was to introduce the citizens of Novi Sad, a city which has always been an incubator of innovations and is one of the most developed cities in Southeast Europe, to the perspectives offered by speech technologies, in order to promote the values that our city has always supported, based on the principles of equality, tolerance and fight against discrimination. The presentation for 40 representatives of business, culture life and administration was titled:

“How to improve the lives of people with disabilities using novel speech technologies”

In a speech of 30 minutes, professor Vlado Delić from the Faculty of Technical Sciences presented the achievements in the development of speech technologies for the Serbian language and their first applications intended for people with disabilities.

The second part of the presentation, also 30 minutes long, was related to the practical application of speech technologies in local governments and public enterprises. This topic was presented by Darko Pekar, AlfaNum CEO.